So many Australians have united for YES! No matter the result on Nov 15, we can all be proud of the positive campaign we’ve run together.

YES supporters like you have been phenomenal campaigners for fairness and equality, and we reckon that’s something to appreciate and celebrate! Can you share your favourite YES moment below?

We want to share the stories and photos of all the amazing campaigners and volunteers around the country, celebrating everyone’s passion, creativity and work.

Share your favourite YES moment, and we’ll throw in a little something special – a downloadable Results Day Pack with printable YES bunting, posters, hats and flags!
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We want to hear about your YES highlights!  Did you have a heartwarming conversation that made your day? A moment that made you laugh so hard you cried? A person who helped you survive your first calling event or door knocking day? Or maybe an awesome event in your neighbourhood?
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Thank you for sharing the best of your YES! Now for some fun, download your Results-Event pack with bunting, posters, YES hats and rainbow recipes.
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